Small business have issues with Dropbox

I was talking to another potential customer who was having problems with Dropbox.  Dropbox seems to be great for small teams, but then once they start to grow Dropbox can be limiting. I am in no way saying there is anything wrong with Dropbox. I have just talked to a few people are having issues with it.

The constant sync with Dropbox and a handful of users on an underpowered internet connection can crush small business internet. I have personally seen a company with about 5 office users on a very cheap and slow internet connection. This caused the internet to drop down to a crawl.

I have also seen traveling users with slow cellphone signal try and hotspot their laptop. This causes all kinds of issues with Dropbox also.

If you are having problems with Dropbox in your business and want to discuss other options than give us a call and we can discuss further.