The Blue Screen of Death

We can stop the Blue Screen of death!

Everyone knows the Blue Screen of Death. You reboot your computer, turn it on or it happens randomly. There could be several reasons why Windows is shutting down and giving you the blue screen error. It could be a failing hardware, bad drivers, software errors and all kinds of other reasons. No matter what the reason is your business needs this issue resolved quickly.

We investigate and treat the blue screen of death by;

  • Investigating the errors.
  • Replacing the hardware or software
  • Preform maintenance on the system
  • Check hardware for errors
  • Follow up to confirm the issue is resolved.

We know computers break. That’s why we fix them.

We help customers in southern Ontario. Here at Dataforge we have learned over the years is that people want the correct information to make decisions. They don’t want the IT geek mumbo-jumbo, they just want the real information, the solutions and how much it’s going to cost. Here at Dataforge we describe the problem in plain English, list multiple steps to resolve and give rough costs on each. Once approved we will implement a solution. Every time we come across something, we will let you know and repeat the process.

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