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Business Network Consulting

Hi, my names Dave and I’m with Dataforge. We have been business network consulting in the Toronto area for over 20 years. We have been building when networking wasn’t even a thing. We understand routing, switching, VPN’s and remote access.

If you are looking for a real networking company who can figure out your current network and setup a business computer network that is rock solid please let me know. I’m used to walking into small businesses that have been though a bunch of IT providers and have a mess of a network. Here at Dataforge we aren’t scared of recalling network cabinets.

We are also used to dealing with POE (Power over Ethernet) – think VOIP phones. We can spec out what you need and get everything racked, installed and configured. Dataforge recently has started with Networking as a service that allow us to deploy networking gear into a company for a monthly fee.

If you would like to talk networking then we are the guys to call – 905-632-9918

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