computer technician, Deal with a better computer technician

Deal with a better computer technician

Are you looking for a fast, friendly and organized computer technician to help you with your business IT? Here at Dataforge we hire amazing people to give you the best tech support experience. We want to make sure that you as the customer are taken care of.

Our team will explain to you what’s going on in plain English. Our experienced computer technicians have years of experience helping users and even more experience with computers to make sure when you have a problem it gets resolved quickly and easily.

We know that when you are having a problem you want to be herd. One of our main goals is to make sure when you call with a problem, we pick up the phone. If you email our support team, you will get a response. We want to be different and want to be the team you turn to when you have issues.

All our computer technicians are local, we don’t outsource anything. We run our own servers, we hire, or own techs and we monitor everything ourselves. We don’t rely on answering services, cloud providers or outsourced IT technicians.

When you deal with Dataforge, you are dealing with a local and friendly computer technician who generally wants to help you with your issue.  You will get someone skilled who is fully invested in resolving your issues quickly.

We also have a team of six and discuss issues with each other. This generally raises the expertise of all our people and always gives everyone an idea of what’s going on with our customers. Here at Dataforge, we want to be your technology partner and run your business IT as if it was our own.  This allows everyone helping customers to make the best decisions possible and put solid plans in place to minimize downtime and help reduce your IT costs. If you are looking for a better IT support experience with friendly and highly skilled computer technicians, then give us a call at 905-632-9918 or email

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