Get a fully setup, monitored, installed and managed server for only 399.99 / month!

Managed by a local IT support team in Burlington! We don’t outsource our services!

Local Server

Get a server in your office ready to handle what you do

Fully Managed

Have your server fully managed by a local IT team

Backed up

We manage the backups and sync them off site to our office.

You save money

Hardware as a service is an operational cost – like your phone bill.

Operational costs save money.

Having your server as an operational cost means that you get to write it off. You don’t have to deal with hardware depreciation and you get the tax benefits right now. You get a solid place to work and store your data and we as IT get the things we need – like backup, storage, etc.

Our server have the following;

  • Processing Power
  • Lots of storage
  • Power Protection
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