Hosted Servers

We run servers in data centers - Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville and the GTA

Customers want the freedom of the cloud but want the data security of a local server.

In todays security focused business world companies to know who where their data is and who has access to it. With new security regulations and cyber insurance on the rise it is important to keep your data in Canada. We put our rock-solid servers in Canadian data centers and manage them our self. No outsourcing and having physical access to our servers is a must when it comes to data integrity.

Why having physical servers in a Canadian data center is better then hosting in the cloud.

  • Same fast speeds, but you have physical access to your server and data.
  • Limited number to technicians and people who have access to your data.
  • More storage and compute power for the money you spend.
  • Options! Having the ability to move your server to another provider, in house or another data center if there are issues.
  • The same cloud benefits! Lower power costs, less office space used up, mobility for clients, monthly pricing, etc

We feel that when customers say cloud, they now mean colocation.

Colocations basic Definity is running your hardware in secured, temperature and power-controlled root that has very highspeed internet connections (i.e. 100mb or 1Gps). All the speed and security with the value of using todays mush cheaper server hardware. Mix that with Dataforge’s 20+ years of running servers for small business and you have true value.

If your business is having issues with email, spam, network slowness, slow internet, printing, file access issues or anything else. Let us know and we will investigate it for free and give you quotes based of an hourly rate.

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