IT Service Support

IT Service Support is what we love to do. We have all the remote tools to bring you the best possible support for you and your users. With our screen sharing technology makes helping customers easy as pie. We have found that it’s much easier to show us the issue then having customers try to explain it.

Our techs are local in Burlington and always try to pick up the phone on the first try. We have found that a lot of our customers are hard to get a hold of. We are different, we answer emails and pick up the phone. We want your business and are willing to work for it.

Dealing with a small team gives your employees a much better IT Service Support experience. Calling someone who knows your name, your job roll and the network environment you are working with. We don’t outsource our support people to other countries or answering services.  The people who pick up the phone are the people who can resolve your issues or give you a hand with your work flow.

If you are dealing with a one person IT company who is slow to respond to your calls or emails then Dataforge is the company for you. Our IT Service Support techs will make your life easier and let you get back to do your job – not IT. We can handle all your projects and fix your computer issues once and for all.

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