Malware Removal for Business

We have been removing viruses and malware for over 20 years!

Viruses are something you must deal with in business. People click on bad links or open shady files in emails all the time. It’s going to happen, someone in your organization will make a mistake and could get your business network infected. The worst part is that the people creating viruses, malware, adware, spyware and trojans know it only takes one click to get a victim.

When we work on an infection, we deal with the problem to make sure you and your business is safe. You and your employees have better things to do then dealing with infections on your network.

We remove the infection and minimize the possibility of it happening again by doing the following;

  • Remove Infections
  • Investigate how it got in
  • Install endpoint protection (antivirus)
  • Investigate email filtering
  • Review user polices for data access
  • Put in a working and monitored backup solution

Your business doesn’t have time to deal with a virus.

Getting a virus can be devastating to your business in today’s connected world. Getting hit with ransomware or being black listed for send spam can devastate how you do business. It could cost you thousands to get everything cleaned up and restore your brands reputation.

Give us a call if your business needs help with a virus or malware and we will get your issue resolved today!

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