Cloud Email – Inventory, Cleanup and Archive


Is your companies email in the cloud? Do you have some user turn over? Maybe its techs, or office staff going on maternity leave or just leaving the company. Those old email accounts in the cloud stay there and costing you money. We see a lot of customers in the cloud who are paying for licenses of users who aren’t there. The company probably will need access to this mail at some point, but keeping it online where you get billed for it isn’t the option either.

Here at Dataforge we archive data for our users. We generate a list of users and find out who isn’t with the company and who doesn’t need an email address anymore. How we save you money is that we archive all the mail, contacts, calendar entries and of course emails to a file and download it for safekeeping. When you or one of your users need access to that information we will give it to whoever needs it.

Over the past couple of years, we have seen companies pay a lot more for email because they have large lists of users that are growing, but never shrinking. Most small businesses don’t have the time for one of their employees to go through and audit their cloud usage. Contact Dataforge and we will do it for you!