File server storage investigation


Like any good IT administrator we have our techs go through our customers file servers when they run low on space. We go through everything and find things that use up our expensive storage on non-business critical data like iTunes music, High resolution pictures or videos, personal photos, old user files, unlicensed software or old software installation files.

Here at Dataforge we don’t like to delete files that our customers could refer back too. We archive this information in put it on select storage for safe keeping. When you need that information you just simply ask for it and we will give it to whoever wants it.

Usually we will go through the main companies file server once a year and do a full investigation. We also need to have an exact estimate of how much data is being used and how much storage we have left. It’s beneficial to do it every year to stay on top of it, but of course some users want it scheduled for every two years or whatever else fits the needs of that business.

Being a customer of Dataforge will get you the benefits of a team of skilled technicians reviewing your network and how your business IT operates. Here at Dataforge we want your business IT to work well, and we need to manage and review your systems for it to run well and be optimized.