Suffering from the IT ghost?

it person not returning phone calls

One of the biggest things I hear is people call their companies IT person for help and they don’t get an answer. They leave voicemails and they send emails but they don’t get a response. This seems to be normal for a single person IT shop. I’m not sure if they are over extended or stressed out or what.

When people need help they need it now, they can’t wait days. That’s why here at Dataforge we are trying to be different. If one of our customers’ needs help and they call in I want my guys to pick up the phone and talk to them. Most of the customers can wait a little bit, but they just need to speak to someone. They need to know that their issues are being herd. Usually they are ok with a call back later in the afternoon but us as IT people need to answer the questions.

Another thing I’ve found happening to new customers is they have one IT person who is running from one issue to another putting out fires. Here at Dataforge we have five technical people who can resolve issues. You are not stuck with waiting for one person to become free to resolve your issue. You have a whole team. Also, if you are having an issue you will have a team of people discussing and reviewing your issue. This usually gets a resolution much quicker than having one person research a solution.

If you are looking for fast, friendly and local business IT support from a family owned and operated IT company, please give us a call and we will give you a hand with whatever you need.