A better managed service provider


Here at Dataforge we have been a managed service provider since before there was a term for it. We have been building and managing customer network and computers for over 20 years. In that time, we have learned key lessons that make us a better kind of managed service provider.

We run our customers business IT as if it was your own.

This is something we tell all new hires at Dataforge. When we run the network and IT like we own the business we instinctively make decisions that have your businesses best interests at heart. This allows our team to start running on feel. If something doesn’t feel right about something, someone on our team will mention it to the group for discussion.

Learn about our customers business and workflow.

Getting to work with different customers in different industries leads to a better overall customer experience. Once we take on a new customer our team tries their best to get a greater understanding of what the users do on a day to day basis. This gives us a whole picture of how your business works and allows us to put in solutions and automation that will give a competitive edge.

Understanding our customers frustration through listening.

Hearing our customers is what we do best. If someone mentions something on a call or in an email our staff will mention this to the team. The team will discuss solutions and often debate them. We want to make sure the recommendations we put forward are rock solid.

Discuss decisions as a team.

When you become a customer with Dataforge you are supported by 5 working technicians and network administrators. We discuss major decisions as a group, and everyone has a chance to put in their thoughts. This gives our entire team information and direction with the IT decisions we make to ensure that you are getting the best possible setup and solution for any given issue. Your business has a well-informed team that is working on your best interest – not just one technical agent.

Manual checks for everything.

The one thing that truly sets us apart as a better managed service provider is, we do manual checks on all our automated systems. When it comes to your business, we can’t assume everything is working – someone must check. Every morning a real person checks your backup reports. If one of our monitoring probes detects an issue it goes to a shared mailbox that everyone can see. We even check cloud systems monthly to ensure that everything is working as it should. If something happens with your business, it’s our job to ensure we know about it.

We have an open dialog with our customers.

Long gone are the days that managed service providers and dictate to their customers. We constantly talk to our customers and ask for input as no one knows your business and its processes better then you and your managers. We can’t make well informed decisions about your business without talking to the main driver of the business constantly.

The main difference with us as a company is that we want to be different. We want to answer your emails and pickup the phone when you call. We have found better success when we partner with our customers. We don’t want to be the company you call when your computers break, but rather your outsourced IT team. We want to be involved in your projects. We want to create budgetary predictions for you. We generally want to have a good time working with you and provide you a rock-solid business IT experience.

Most of all we want your business.

If you are looking for IT managed services, computer help or even just a second option then please give us a call at 905-632-9918