IT Service Management


Lots of people ask me what is IT Service Management or what is computer consulting?  The best way to think about it is “We are your IT department”. I am an Administrator, my team is your IT department.  We make decisions and handle IT projects as if we were IT people on your payroll.

Acting as an outsourced IT department we need basic things done so we can properly administer your business IT.  One of the main things we do is inventory everything. We make sure we have a copy of all the serial numbers of your computers and servers. We inventory your software keys and all the licensing information. If you need something you can call us up and we will be able to give you that information quickly.

Another large piece of IT Service Management is making sure we have visibility across your network and computers. If your internet at work goes down – We need to know about it. If your servers are running out of hard drive space, we need to know about it. We put probes, monitors and services in place for advanced warning.

When it comes to IT Projects we do things right the first time. We usually try and have a sit-down meeting with you and your team to get a better idea on how this project will impact your company. We want to know the details, speak with the vendor and get all information together to form a proper game plan together. Here at Dataforge we take IT very seriously and don’t like doing projects willy-nilly.

The best way I can describe how Dataforge does IT Service Management or Computer Consulting is that we move slowly and try and make the best informed decisions right off the bat. I personally have found that doing things right the first way is the best way to get issues resolved once and for all – or even better, not have to deal with those problems in the first place!