Dataforge a small local IT support team in Burlington Ontario Canada


Small is powerful. Dataforge is an IT solutions and system management provider that believes in the power of small-scale enterprises. Because we are one. We believe in building good working relationships with our clients through personalized services. This means you’ll be communicating with the same person over and over again for all your concerns and as we work on all the IT solutions needed to run your business smoothly. We believe “small” packs a powerful punch in providing more relevant and efficient solutions for small and medium scale enterprises.

We provide Computer Networking, IT Solutions, Data and Cloud Management, and Cyber or Internet Security.

A Computer Networking system is a necessary tool for small businesses as this helps streamline most of the processes within the enterprise as well as provide relevant information in real time on aspects such as inventory, sales, scheduled services and property management. This also serves as a monitoring system to track employees’ day to day tasks and accomplishments. Dataforge sets up these networking systems with the mindset that these networks should be secured with features that protect all relevant business information from internal and external security breaches. The networking systems provided by Dataforge also ensures the proper usage of an internet service that caters only to business-related transactions.

IT project management and outsourcing provided by Dataforge are designed to make every enterprise’s operations more manageable and efficient. In today’s business set up, the 3 driving forces in a business are financial management, marketing and IT. Software and management solutions bring efficiency both in the day to day business and lower operating costs in the long run. Start-ups and small businesses that grew and thrived are the ones that embraced digital solutions early on, and take advantage of digitally enhanced processes.

We know the demands of a small business and the importance of efficiency in the workforce as well as keeping the operating costs at the minimum possible. Outsourcing of the IT department is the best option for a small scale business. It keeps the operating costs down and saves on time, money and space. Cloud services by Dataforge are reliable in keeping relevant data secured whilst retrievable anywhere. Keeping information accessible anywhere as needed and when needed.

Dataforge builds solid IT solutions for small businesses to streamline business processes for efficiency and to lower operating costs in the long run. IT solutions should be maximized to keep the business running as smoothly as possible. We provide software and solutions that allow each and every part of the enterprise’s operations to complement and supplement each other for small businesses to thrive and grow the best way possible in this digital age.