Technical Support


Here at Dataforge our “bread and butter” is technical support. Managed IT services is less about working with computers and more about helping people. If you or your team has a problem, you need someone who will clearly explain what’s going on and how it’s going to be resolved.

How we do technical support differently is that we discuss major issues amongst the team. This gives you a greater pool of experience. For any issue there isn’t any one person who knows about it. Our team shares information and documents issues so we as a team can learn to resolve your issues better.

Another key advantage we have is having an operations meeting every morning, so everyone knows what’s going on. We also bring up issues and help each other to resolve anything that comes up.

One of our main philosophy’s is managing and supporting customers business as if it was our own. This allows us to work more independently and make decisions for the greater good. Any example of this is if we see an issue happen more than three times, we start an investigation. We will discuss solutions and usually use automation to resolve the issue on mass.

We also have technical support mastered because we do the basic principles, we pickup the phone, we answer emails and we return phone calls. Our fast, friendly and knowledgeable technicians will great you with a smile, explain your issues and resolve your problems. Our team is based on great people and you can tell the difference.

If you are looking for a better technical support experience, then give us a call at 905-632-9918 and let’s start the conversation!