A Better Business WIFI Setup


I’m sure your business has WIFI. I’m not sure if it has more then one access point that is working in conjunction with others to offer a complete coverage base of your business’s location. I’m also not sure that your business WIFI is using the latest WIFI standards to make sure it’s fast and secure.

Here at Dataforge we have been running wireless networks better. We have worked on our solution to give you a better overall wireless network to make sure you and your employees can do what you need quickly.

Our WIFI solution is much better then just grabbing a wireless router from the big box stores. We think through the process of placing access points.

Here’s how we do wireless better.

  1. We look at the wireless router(s) you have at your office
    1. Usually we see that these devices aren’t keeping up with the latest technology.
    2. We also see that the wireless routers people buy aren’t being updated to the latest software version.
    3. Our technicians will connect to the WIFI, do speed tests and then walk to another part of the building and test again.
  2. Wireless in business is here to stay. We understand that your business needed wireless access for your phones, your tablets, your employees and your guests. We take the time to understand how your business uses your WIFI and what devices are connecting to it.

In today’s wireless connected world we have to encourage our clients to take wireless security seriously. We want to make sure old employees and other people aren’t getting onto your network. Wireless is an extension of your business network and it needs access control like anything else.

Our WIFI networks are better

Be default we setup wireless networks that use the fastest and most secure wireless technologies. This gives you better speeds and security. We also set it up with user level access. This means that if Dave gets fired from your business, we disable his user account once and that includes the wireless access. This way if someone leaves the company they can’t come back when your business isn’t open and poke around.

A stronger wireless network comes from having multiple well-placed access points working together and strengthening the over all wireless coverage. We put thought into where we place the access points and try and put them in high, centralized locations to give you a solid connection that isn’t spotty or slow. We also use affordable access points so we can simply put in more smaller units to help with coverage.

Besides using user level-based authentication for wireless access we also ensure that your wireless is using the current wireless security for it’s keys. We have seen businesses that are still using old outdated security technologies like WEP or WPA. These have known hacks out for them.

See  Tutorial: Simple WEP Crack

Using outdated security technologies will allow attackers to get onto your network while sitting outside in their cars or by living next door.

A segregated guest wireless network

When customers or vendors come to your office, they need access to the internet. We will create you a separate guest network that will only have access to the internet, not your normal network with your workstations and servers. This guest network will be locked down so if someone connects an infected device to your wifi – it won’t have the access to infect your servers, printers, etc. This is a simple concept that often gets overlooked.

This is just a simple example on how here at Dataforge we take the time to plan our systems and solutions. We put in the thought and set the technology up correctly the first time to save you time and money in the future. If you are having issues with slow wireless, disconnections or generally want something that works well – then give us a call at 905-632-9918 and we will come to your business to investigate.