Virus removal

Virus removal is something that takes an expert. The fly by night computer techs on Craigslist and Kijiji can remove them, but not prevent them. If you are looking for someone who remove the virus, clean up the system and setup defense towards protecting users against it happening again.

Having Dataforge cleans up your system means we will do the following on your system.

  1. Remove the virus
  2. Clean up temp files
  3. Check your startup – look for boot kits, etc
  4. Investigate for your system for rootkits and other things like Trojans, etc.

Our virus removal process is more than just running Malwarebytes. You will get a computer technician that will manually investigate your computer and cleanup the infection.

If you have a virus infection and want it to be cleaned up once and for all then Dataforge is for you. Give us a call to talk further at 905-632-9918

HI! I’m Dave – I am an old school / hardcore computer geek. I’m also the General Manager at Dataforge. I and big into IT and small business development with technology. I want your business to grow and turn to me for cool IT projects and fixing your problems. Dataforge is a family owned and operated computer repair and IT Services Company.

Dave Forsyth
T: 905-632-9918